White privilege can save you
where God can’t

Only in America

Ya brethren ain’t ya brethren no more
They say heaven ain’t Heaven no more

We cling to clouds, we roll up on shores
Roll up, and realize, heaven ain’t Heaven no more

Children run around cold visiting rooms
waiting to see daddy who fell victim
to the 13th Amendment
Hour visits feel like 5 minutes

We wanna be just like our daddies
Mass Incarceration is a bully
shaking a blind bum for his change
leaving him broker than before

No matter how hard you try,
you can’t cage Luke Cage
That’s beauty

i pray, feet nailed to the floor
If you look hard enough, it’s beauty
in the struggle
Maybe it’s better here because i heard that
heaven ain’t Heaven no more.


By Kondwani Fidel


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