Jayla Jackson
Jayla Jackson

So many issues, so little time to address them; instead of solving said issues we choose to suppress them. Hoping that one day we’ll wake up and an answer will be beheld in front of our eyes, but for now, governments, media and other political institutions fill our heads with lies.

They’ll feed us fear and tell us what we want to hear. Photo shopping pictures, ultimately making the images unclear. But clear enough that you think it’s the black guy’s fault. Perpetuating stereotypes, such as the concept of police brutality-Abusing their power as PoC’s lose their mortality, while simultaneously losing their morality. Ultimately making our people take the officer’s side, another product of white supremacy, brainwashing our people who are supposed to maintain solidarity.

But our side keeps getting compromised as the images become more distorted and apologies and paid suspensions are the only things retorted- retorted back to the media, who claim they wish to obtain answers for the public, while they embellish the facts to maintain public subservience. Obedience and control through fear. Killing our people, making the message clear. Painfully clear, that our lives don’t matter to them and they never did, they wanted us to be property… a melanated commodity… civilizing niggas was their greatest fear, and now we’re here! In a post- Jim Crow society. But the true fear has been realized and it wasn’t against the whites bodies. It was against the black bodies, serving a government that’s never even treated our people right. From the destruction of black Wall Street and the unjustified rosewood massacre to the purposeful incident in Flint, Michigan.

Black people are waking up and starting to realize their true mission. The pacification of our people is over- a new generation of people who take no stuff is taking over. They’re not afraid to die, inevitably becoming martyrs of the cause. But is the cause worth fighting for, when all you get overlooked recognition and ambivalent white applause? The answer… yes! These things are just incentives, products of those who wish to cherish a legacy of someone who made a difference. You get all this and more when you look down from heaven and you witness little black boys and girls striving to make a change. But what’s change when you’re still not accepted as a quarter in the 3/5th compromise?

Our people are still objectified, simplified to something less than human and black politicians aren’t helping the problem by being part of these rule-making institutions.

They’re working for the very system that’s shooting our people down every day…but good thing our ancestors allowed us to have a better situation. Paving the way for us to learn about the 3/5th compromise and allowing us to get a good education, but why is it that so many black children are learning in systems of insubordination?

Considered insubordinate and called stupid but politely labeled incompetent, but you can only retain what you’re taught… and they’re leaving our black children helpless and distraught! Helpless in the classroom and distraught out in life, where public education doesn’t teach you how to balance a checkbook or write that check to keep or turn on your lights.

But, there are so many issues and no true way to solve them. But until we know what the true issue is, white people will continue to ask, “What’s the problem”?


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