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Articles | Baltimore Writer Project

Noah Mayfield’s Reflection

I enjoyed working with professor D.Watkins and Eric Rice, Kondwani, Damien, and the students at John Hopkins Hospital. Most kids my age don’t get to experience greta opportunities like this and

Clouds constantly cover us. Will I make it to Heaven? Maybe the sky is a cover up… Photo By Noah Mayfield

In my neighborhood, chidren are gunning up the one-way. Throughout the journey, they adopt ‘gun play.’   Photo By : Noah Mayfield

The Breakdown Of Colors

I don’t care who you are who or who you know, if you live in Baltimore, you are a part of segregation.   Baltimore was the first city in America

Growing Up With Stereotypes

Blacks love chicken   White men can’t jump   Asians are good at math   All Latinos can cook   These are a few of the modern stereotypes that I


Oppression has a long-lasting impression It’s an incurable disease that nails the knees of the poor, to the floor An outbreak you can’t shake Zero physical symptoms That’s when it

Education Behind The Bars of Poverty

Mice and roaches are my pets My fridge is Adam and Eve naked My tummy is growling, i’d kill for one boiled egg, a slice of bread, or bacon My

Joy and Anger

Timidness awards you two Black eyes Ever wonder why I’m the “angry Black guy” Confidence awards you, you Your flesh might burn Your blood might churn But…you’ll be what everyone

February 21, 2017

“Formerly the sun was red, the roads filled with brambles and thorns, the clouds were black, the water was troubled and stained with blood, our women wept unceasingly, our children

I Hope That He’s Ok

  I walked to the back of the 13: Canton/Fells Point bus, and plopped down on the chair. I sat beside a city worker, in front of a nodding fiend,

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